Royal Green England Retreat 2015
Sept. 22, 2015 - October 2, 2015
Lostwithiel (Restormel Castle) and Highgrove (home of Prince Charles)
And soooo much more...

If living a rich life, adopting a royal way of thinking, sustainability and visiting castles in England are high on your bucket list, then reach out to us for details on this exclusive, limited availability opportunity. there is no better teacher than experience, and at this retreat, we will walk in the footsteps of royalty, visit some of the most sustainable homes on the planet and wake up each morning to a wealth consciousness meditation, mantra & mindset.The Royal Green England Retreat is more than just a bucket list adventure. It is a spiritual journey intended to align your heart, spirit and soul into your daily way of living and thinking.

Have champagne tea at the childhood home of Prince William and Prince Harry (where Prince Charles still resides today). There you will learn about the most advanced sustainability and green living systems firsthand, in an intimate, exclusvie experience.

Explore the ancient village of Lostwithiel, home of the first Prince of Wales, the Black Prince. Stay on the private estate of Restormel Castle, just steps away from the ancient fortress. This castle has been owned by the Royal Family for over six centuries. Talk about legacy planning!

You will step into the shoes of the royals and live a rich and adventure-filled life (at a cost that is much more affordable than you can imagine). Each morning will begin with an inspirational theme to carry with you on your journey toward experiences and exploration that are at once magical, life-transforming and something that will stay with you forever.

Call 310-430-2397 now to learn more and to register. Availability is very limited and we will begin planning immediately.

You can learn more about Highgrove and Restormel at the links below.

Nature's Prince

Royal Getaways

This retreat will transform your relationship with prosperity, wealth and abundance forever. The psychological shift that occurs when you experience life royally will bring out the best in you, now and for the rest of your days on this planet.

What You Will Experience
In 11 mind-blowing, empowering days, you will:

  • Stay at a royal manor house, steps from Restormel Castle.
  • Tour Highgrove Gardens, one of the most sustainable homes in the world, owned by Prince Charles.
  • Have tea at The Ritz London.
  • Gallop across the Moorland, just as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor did.
  • Walk in Merlin's Cave and tour Camelot.
  • Wake up to the prosperity meditations from The Gratitude Game.
  • Instagram bucket list adventures daily
  • Paint, write, sing, dance... Imbibe in the arts...
  • Experience and learn about sustainable energy, organic farming and living in harmony.

Due to the exclusive nature of this retreat, perference will be given to retreat volunteers, retreat attendees and long-time subscribers (in that order). Call 310-430-2397 to register NOW!

Natalie Pace Royal Green England Retreat
Sept. 22, 2015 - October 2, 2015 (10 nights/11 days)


Early Bird Pricing (now through May 11, 2015)

$3,200 per person (if you are willing to share a room)
$3,985 per person (if you're coming solo)
$6,400 per couple

Regular Pricing (after May 11, 2015)
$3,800 per person (if you are willing to share a room)
$4,685 per person (if you're coming solo)
$7,600 per couple

Our retreats almost always sell out by the Early Bird deadline. Call 310-430-2397 or email to register NOW!

PLEASE NOTE: Food, transportation, parking, and 20% value added tax, which England adds to almost everything. are not included in the retreat price. Exclusive, bucket list lodging, champagne tea at the Ritz London and at Highgrove are included. Due to the historical/exclusive nature of the properties we will be touring and staying in, there will be a fully refundable deposit required.

No cancellations after May 11, 2015.
Processing fee of $295 per attendee will be charged for cancellations before May 11, 2015.

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Free Gift Deadline: April 13, 2015 (Monday)