The Global Earth Day Gratitude Celebration.

written by: Natalie Pace, co-creator of the Earth Day Gratitude Project and the author of The Gratitude Game.
The Dalai Lama Sounds the Alarms for Sustainability.

written by: Natalie Pace, author of The Gratitude Game.
Nature's King.

written by: Natalie Pace.

H.R.H. Charles, The Prince of Wales, in his garden at Highgrove. Photo by Andrew Lawson. (c) A G Carrick. Used with permission.

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Daily Bread:
"When we look back on the moments we treasury most, many are things that just got us grinning. So, whether it is picking banjo and grinning, doing somersaults in the grass or videoconferencing a loved one, enjoy your weekend. And look back on those priceless past times for a few grins today. "
- Natalie Pace
author of The Gratitude Game